Beat Rabbi | Mazel Tov Cocktail Project | @djseanp @illect

Beat Rabbi & Illect Recordings are proud to present Mazel Tov Cocktail. 31 tracks of soulful golden era boom bap. The project even includes a Deepspace5 posse cut.

When asked about the inspiration for Mazel Tov Cocktail, Beat Rabbi shared, “I assume other producers have been in a similar situation where they have a number of beats they really like that have been repeatedly passed over by rappers for years and they think, I really would like to get these joints out there and heard so people know all the kinds of sounds and styles I’ve experimented with, even if a rapper doesn’t want to rhyme on it. That’s how this project started, though it expanded beyond just that. But being that I hung up the beat making trade years ago, I needed the right person to edit, mix and master these beats – and spice them up to make them presentable. DJ Sean P is that dude for me – I have so much respect for his ear, style and talent and was blessed that enthusiastically signed up for the task. So hear it is – some Beat Rabbi as you have and haven’t heard him before, topped off with some Sean P funk.”

Beats curated by Dj Sean P
Art by Farley Vaughan

Check it out and let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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Check out DJ Sean Blu’s 4/28 mix featuring @DEEBLACKMUSIC @HISstoryMG @RileyTerrell @JaaeKash @Shiwan12 @IAMGMARTEL @OMGitsWande @prodbypoetics @Kingbyron23 @RoyToshMusic @JaylonAshaun @CHHTodaySports

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Daniel AMP | Can’t Stop Us Video | @DanielAMPMuzik @Sohhpr

Daniel AMP releases a visual for his new single, “Can’t Stop Us“, over Alex Hitchens production.
Daniel shares, “If you know me then you know that I’ve seen my share of adversity/hardship in life. I grew up a gangbanger who was abandoned by his mother and never knew his father, so all my life I’ve had the opportunity to hear the doubts of others, but I don’t think anyone has doubted me more than I have doubted myself. It’s like I doubt in all things; being a follower, being a husband, being a father, being a artist, etc… it’s literally in everything and sometimes I allow that to cause a wedge between God and I. So “Can’t Stop Us” was honestly God dealing with the doubter in me and reaffirming His plan for me, but I didn’t want to make this exclusive. I know there are others just like me who doubt themselves, who doubt God and if He can use them. So this song was created to serve as a reminder that with Jesus no matter what anyone throws our way, they “CAN’T STOP US” now.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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Dee Black | Turbulence Audio | @DEEBLACKMUSIC @IamPhilJ @HISstoryMG




Check out Dee Black’sTurnulence” with Phil J. Let us know your thoughts. Spread The Soup!

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James Gardin | Focus Audio | @illect @JamesGardin @EssBe517

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Illect Recordings artist James Gardin collaborates with label mate Ess Be on his new single “Focus“. They attempt to address how habits and vices are not only damaging to you, but also to your purpose and your focus. James says, “A lot of times we look at bad habits solely on they hurt us, but what if they also hurt the world at large. I hope you all will be inspired by this song to reassess what holds your attention and time, and get refocused on what’s important.

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Dee Black | Flight Club Announcement | @DEEBLACKMUSIC @HISstoryMG

Dee Black is set to release his new album Flight Club on May 25th via HISstory Music Group. Let us know your thoughts:

Flight Club track list
1. Boarding
2. Runway
3. New Wine (feat. Germaine Martel)
4. Flight Announcement
5. Good Day (feat. Jered Sanders, Eshon Burgundy)
6. Hands High
7. Kyrie
8. One King (feat. Sean Blu)
9. Rock (feat. Mission)
10. Bottom Line (feat. Brother 3, Mouthpiece)
11. Turbulence (feat. Phil J)
12. Landing
13. Baggage Claim

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J. Crum & T-Vision | No Way Video | @jcrummusic @tvisionmusic @Sohhpr




No Way is a song about resilience. When life hits hard and obstacles seem too big to overcome, we look within to find the source of our help. When opposition and circumstances tell us that we cant make it and we should give up we look them in their face and tell them…No Way.

No Way was produced by Timmy Vogel aka T-Vision. He brought the song and the hook to J. Crum and the two worked together to create what you hear now. The song is a hard hitting anthem that you definitely want to have in your daily rotation. “Us be defeated? Lil homie no way!” The song will also be featured on J. Crum’s upcoming project “Villains” that is releasing June 15. Don’t sleep on this new track from J. Crum and T-Vision.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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Beat Rabbi | Return Of The Real Hard Beat | @illect

Surprise! New material from the Deepspace5 crew is always cause for excitement. The prolific collective only drops new music every few years and this Beat Rabbi produced single is their latest and greatest.

Beat Rabbi shares, “There have been a lot of cool creative directions hip-hop has taken the last decade or two (and some it shouldn’t have), but sometimes a hip-hop head just wants to hear some raw beats, hard drums and dope rhymes. That may sound cliche but at the end of the day every real hip-hop fan feels a return of the real hard beats and real rap.

Cuts by Dj Sean P. and art by Farley Vaughan.

Check it out. Spread The Soup!

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Oatmeal | Slide Video | @I_Am_Oatmeal @GodChaserz @DirectorWillT @sohhpr

Upstart rapper Oatmeal recently released his debut album “Just Add Water” (GodChaserz Entertainment). The first visual is the Will Thomas directed “Slide“. The video was shot minutes after filming Brinson’sWhite Gold” music video in Atlanta’s space studios.

Oatmeal shares, “”Slide” was inspired by when my friends and I are ready to go to church or a night out. We use the term to say “LET’S GO” so now when it’s time to go win some souls it’s time to “SLIDE”!”

Check it out and let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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Check out DJ Sean Blu’s 4/14/18 mix featuring @marquismusiq @rswift215 @Ken_Surry @TriunionMusic @ElijahJaron @charlesgoose_ @nobigdyl @jeauxmayomusic and let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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