Tee-Wyla | I Got it Audio | @tee_wyla @armondwakeup @illect

Possession is nine-tenths of the law is an expression meaning that ownership is easier to maintain if one has possession of something. Illect beatsmith, Tee-Wyla confidently owns his moment as he emphatically proclaims ‘I got it‘ with his new single.

The decorated and seasoned producer also understands the universal law of crew love. He enlists Armond WakeUp and Jonathan Baker to come through with the three-man clique up and form like The Fabulous Freebirds. The production is a lush and ethereal pastiche filled with wonder and reflection. The swing of the rhythm will gently transport you into a state of contemplation of the past and the expectation of a burgeoning future. It makes perfect sense when Armond WakeUp plays proud parent by providing his seeds with some vital game in his stanzas:

“Every dark space your mind races through I’ve been there too
Believe I ain’t trying to scare you just prepare you
You’re my jewel, and you will carry my legacy
And accomplish many things I will never see.”

Sandwiched between these beautiful sonnets is Jonathan Baker’s soulful refrain where he floats above the clouds and cheekily dismisses the age-old concept of the sky being the limit.

Tomorrow is not promised for a reason. Own your moment now.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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Solomon’s Porch | Stan Lee And Your Tongue | @solomonsporchp1 @jasonbordeaux1




Check out Solomon’s porch as they discuss Stan Lee’s top 5 Top Stan Lee Cameos and the power of the tongue. Let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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Solomon’s Porch | Rock And Gambling | @solomonsporchp1 @JasonBordeaux1

Should Christians gamble? Can the Church take gambling winnings as tithe and offering? There has been a lot of questions about this lately so Jason and Shawn decided to discuss it. They also share their favorite Christian Rock Albums.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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James Gardin | Joy Video | @JamesGardin @illect @sohhpr

Joy is something we all try to find in every day. At times, its located in painfully apparent places. Sometimes, its qualities are more elusive and need to be dug up from overlooked nooks and crannies. At the end of the day, joy is always found in things that are internal and eternal.

James Gardin continues his undefeated streak as The World’s Most Encouraging Rapper™ and reconvenes with his longtime collaborator TheyCallMeHeat. The result is a fresh new single to help people get through their big, medium and small sads. This song is a funky, danceable number that has the soundscape of a Hip Hop spaghetti western. Think joyful, joyful Lord we adore thee meets ambidextrous diddy bop and infectious nod.

Joy is out now on Illect Recordings.

Written by Christopher Mitchell for Breaking Atoms.

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Sean C. Johnson on ballot for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards | @SeanCJohnson @sohhpr

Sean C. Johnson aims to garner Grammy Awards support for his Days Like This album and Daydreaming single.

To the voting members of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences –

CIRCA 1993 and E. Calloway Management ask you to review and enjoy Sean C. Johnson’s latest album and single. We hope you enjoy what you hear! We also ask that you consider casting your FIRST BALLOT vote for Sean C. Johnson.

Thank you for supporting Independent Artists!

For Your Consideration-

Artist: Sean C. Johnson
Title: Daydreaming
Category: 18. Best Traditional R&B Performance

Artist: Sean C. Johnson
Title: Daydreaming
Category: 19. Best R&B Song

Artist: Sean C. Johnson
Title: Days Like This
Category: 21. Best R&B Album

Stream: Days Like This & Daydreaming on all digital platforms.

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Die-Rek | The Name is Die-Rek | @DIEREK @illect

There is power in a name. The best names command attention, intrigue and respect. This rings true with the lead single from Illect Recordings‘ newest signee, Die-Rek.

Staying true to his name and style, Die-Rek is just that. With his flow, delivery, meaning and method, there’s no ambiguity or confusion. The impact is as powerful as Busta Rhymes’ cannon. From early on, Die-Rek lands ill mental blows that don’t miss with quotables like:

“Borderline crazy thought I was in safety
Seems like I’ve questioned a lot of things lately
But I’ve been recognized to be strapped with armor
The battles not mine and so it is fought with honor”

The bells and whistles have been replaced with bombs and missiles as Die-Rek effortlessly weaves over his self-produced track which reinforces that age-old idea that producers know how to rock to their beats the best. Catchy melodic riff? Check. Hard drums. Yes. Cuts. Oh yeah. Classic Hip Hop aficionados and lovers of music with a message will be well served here.

Regarding his signing to Illect Recordings, Die-Rek said:

There’s a lot of legacy on this label. Tunnel Rats, L.A. Symphony, Scribbling Idiots, Lojique, Phat K.A.T.S. and Deepspace 5. These are household names that will live on in the culture, and that’s the aspiration. It sets a standard for me and puts a confirmation in my heart that I’m in the right place. It’s an honor to sit at the table amongst legends and a Manager that has 20+ years in the industry. God set me up! I’m ready to grab the baton, keep it moving and take it to another level. It’s my turn!”

The Name Is Die-Rek is out now on Illect Recordings.

Written by Christopher Mitchell for Breaking Atoms.

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DJ Sean Blu | 10/28/18 Mix | @Djseanblu

Check out DJ Sean Blu’s 10/28/18 mix featuring @GillGatsby @richisgrizzly @TROSSTHEGIANT @double_atl @montelljordan @iamfreewil @thecypaq . Check it out and Spread The Soup!

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DJ Sean Blu | 10/22/18 Mix | @Djseanblu

Check out DJ SEAN BLU’s 10/22/18 mix featuring @TheTonyTillman @ITSYABOYJC @rmgtweets @AldreRay @JmontyStudios @Phxino @kidtrisx @1kpson @KovenantMusic @ReconcileUs @TravisDupri @joeyvantes @KORBVN @jarrymanna Check it out and Spread The Soup!

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Sundance & Adam L | The Last Sunrise Audio | @illect




On the heels of his recent jazz-tinged efforts, Sundance returns with a wild new song entitled “The Last Sunrise“, which features famed underground MC, Adam L, and a cast of talented musicians including DJ Sean P, Sivion, and Stro Elliott (The Roots). This horn-drenched single reminds us all to remain focused on what’s important during these uncertain times, and is a solid addition to his sporadic, eclectic production catalogue. Also being his first release since relocating to Dunedin, New Zealand, this is hopefully a great sign of things to come for the Illect Recordings artist.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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K. Sparks | April in Paris Audio | @Ksparks

April In Paris is the second single from K. Sparks collaborative album with French Producer Kurser entitled Note To Self. The album contains a combination of live instrumentation and collaborations with various musicians from several locations. Fusions of Hip-Hop, Soul, and various genres can all be traced within various layers of the project. Artwork by street painter Rafael Mattey. Note To Self will be released on November 6th, 2018, and is now available for pre- order. Vinyl available soon.

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