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Armond Wakeup ended 2017 strong with his “40 days” project. Many didn’t know that it was a precursor to what was to come in 2018. Here at Chicans Choice, we can say that he “power forwarded” to his new project “Even If I Lose“.

GOD-FAVORITE BAR:” I NEED GOD TO BE THE GOD OF MY GOD COMPLEX” This track is similar to “The Vanity” having the complexity of being a hard love and soft diss song. It pulls you in from the first bar and causes you to have a Mirror Moment experience until the very end. Armond isn’t afraid to ask questions that have allowed many believers to stay in a “sleep status” within their salvation and actions. I guess that’s why Armond had to “wake up” our hearts and minds on this REPEAT OFFENDER!

THE WEIGHT-FAVORITE BAR (3 WAY TIE)- ” WEIGHT HEAVY, I’M BEEN CARRYING THE GOSPEL/DRY BONES, I’VE BEEN BURYING THESE FOSSILS” ” SEE IT AIN’T HARD TO RAISE THE BAR FOR DUMBBELLS” ” TRAVELING ON MY KING JAMES”  This track truly shows Armond’s skills.  The average artist couldn’t even spit bars off of this Tee-Wyla produced track. This is what makes this track stand out on the album, because of the uniqueness of the production and this is one of Armond’s most lyrical tracks. Everytime I see that Jonathan Baker is going to be a feature with Armond, I know it’s going to end in flames. The wait….and the weight on this track make it a REPEAT OFFENDER!

Overall, this project was worth the wait. This is the type of album that proves that CHH can be beyond corny and can carry conviction, content and cultivate the culture.  I can honestly say that this a rare breed of an album within this genre. I have seen Armond mature from the outer courts to the inner courts, but on this album he goes “Holy of Holies” with his subject matter as a artist. This is a must listen for hip hop heads, christians, creatives and people looking for answers about life in general. I feel Armond already was revealed the outcome of releasing this album. “Even If he loses” according to the standards of what society says, he has won with the one he made it for. Spread The Soup!

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