Chicans Choice Top Projects of 2017

There were some great projects that came out in 2017. INo lie…I had “17” projects to pick from and having to edit. So, we took out mixtapes, even though Jered Sanders and YP had great projects this year. And even though I know Armond Wakeup and MAJORS would be on my list, their projects come too close to the end of the year for me to really digest them against the other projects so late in the game. Here goes a list of our top projects that we reviewed or shouted out from the site:

Honorable Mention: Cash Hollistah- Cash Mob (only because it was a EP man!)

10. Adalid- Late Vibes This was a great project from Adalid. It’s like his last two projects had a baby together. Similar to Cash’s project, it’s only so low due to the length of the project.

9. Serious Voice- Shofar This was a solid project and you were able to see so much from Serious. It set us up to want to hear more from her.

8. David Bibbs- Vox This album proves that David has a future as being the future in this game from the intro to the last track.

7. Andre Balboa- Forgotten This project not only made me like Andre as a artist, but as a person as well.

6. Sean David Grant- Wonder Years Sean proved that he is more than just the CEO and radio personality of Trackstarz. His crazy flow and wordplay will have you listening to this for his repeat offenders.

5. Brinson- Thornz This is my favorite project from Brinson and once you hear it, it will be yours too.

4. Chris Elijah- Blue Moon I really think people were sleeping on this project. This was one of my favorite projects to just ride to and piece together the subliminal/ double entendres he threw in the project.

3. Beleaf- In Fatherhood This is sad, because this will be the last time that Beleaf will be in my end of the year lists…unless he decides to come out of retirement. This project is for hip hop heads and fathers. Please listen to it.

2. Taelor Gray- In The Way Of Me Taelor is one of my favorite artists and he shows it on this project. You can’t hear “Solomon’s Porch” and not agree.

  1. Ceej- Black Tie– It took me 3 weeks to go to take this project out of my system. This project is the key to what CHH has to be in 2018.

What did you think of the list? do you agree? Do you disagree? Who did we leave off? Let us know and Spread The Soup!

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