Top 10 Videos of 2017


This year, we decided to not do video reviews, due to time restrictions. However, that didn’t stop us from promoting videos. With that said, we want to look back at some of our favorite videos from the site:


Honorable Mention: Mike Sarge- Graduated This video is simple, but I love how it was shot and the imagery behind it. I like how Mike’s climbing up the path and celebrates as he gets to the top. Sometimes, it doesn’t take a lot to get the point across.

10. GI Magus- Go Home This video caught my eye. The dancing and color contrasts really kept may interest along with the bars.

9. Rayne- Nightmares This video is stunning. The effects on it were some of the best that I’ve seen throughout the whole year.

8. Ruslan- Love For You I love how Ruslan filmed the concept for the video. Seeing the paradox of love and hate, along with his facial expressions and emotions, helped me know that this needed to be on the list.

7. Cash Hollistah- Jump The story was delivered great and it gives hope for the underdog.

6. Ceej- Virgo I love the “my life is on trial” concept behind the video. This was a very thought provoking video.

5. Beleaf- No Chill I love this video! It’s silly, smooth and it has snow in it. What’s there not to love about it?

4. Gerry Skrillz- My Story This video is heart touching and is a true definition of a Glancer Enhancer for the track.

3. Sean C. Johnson- Save Me Not only does that video show us the highs and lows or relationships, but it also shows us how social media can help or hurt them as well. Great Job Sean C. Johnson.

2. Yaves- Love Judas Man…I Loved this video! The concept behind it and the way it was shot was so on point…no pun intended. This is a great video to learn about Yaves and life.

  1. J. Kwest- Still Alright This video is packed with emotion, comedy and determination. This song and video gives a universal feel for everyone that views it that life is “still alright”.

What do you think of the list? Do you agree? Do you disagree? What video did we leave off? Let us know and Spread The Soup!


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