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Armond WakeUP was on our Future Focus Figures list for 2017 this year. We knew he was going to be doing big things this year! This month, he decided to give us a taste of  what he has been brewing with his label, Illect Recordings, with his “40 days” EP. Being completely produced by Wes Pendleton, We get a conceptual 5 track story dealing with Armond’s perspective of 5 P’sPain (“The Mourning”),  Pressure (“The Hold”), Pride (“The Vanity”), Pity (“The Feels”) and Power ( “The Worth”).


THE VANITY- FAVORITE BAR: ” THEIR GOD IS HUMANITY, THEIR ROYALTY IS VANITY”  First off, I have to give props to the chemistry of Wes and Armond on this track! The dark and grimy atmosphere of the production paints an even better better picture for Armond’s bars. This track is a unique cross between a hard love and a soft diss song. This track is a REPEAT OFFENDER!


THE FEELS- FAVORITE BAR:”MY GREATEST WANT WAS TO RID MYSELF OF PLEASURE”  The paradox concept behind this track makes it one of my favorite songs of the year! This song really gives us a great visual of how “ feelings can’t see past the now” and are unsure about the how. This track really made me rethink how I act and react to things that happen to me. With the teaching, beat and bars…this is a REPEAT OFFENDER!

Overall, I loved this project. Yes…we waited all year long for this…but Armond delivers and is worth the wait. I love when he works with Wes Pendleton. This is a project that you can listen to for 40 days and 40 days after that and repeat the process. Spread The Soup!


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