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M.A.J.O.R.S. is Chican’s Choice first friend to the site as well as a one of the first artists to predict that current state of Hip Hip to me. I remember back during our Myspace days (I know I’m telling my age) when he would message and have myself and other artists in group chats about the direction of CHH, the influence of Kemet, the Emasculation and feminization of men, proper biblical teaching and other subjects that are hot topics now. You could say that he was a  prophet in the making. That’s why it’s not a surprise to see/hear that he drops a new project by the name “Hand Writing On The Wall“. With this review, I wanted to go track by track and tell you some writing that I think that we should see that he placed on the wall:

OPENING STATEMENT– There is so much that MAJORS said within this track! This sets the standard for the whole project. The biggest writing on the wall is his opening statement on “Opening Statement“. He lets us know that he isn’t a christian rapper or holy hip hopper, which lets us know that this is about to be 9 track of truth without politics. The  Hand writing on the wall- Play time is over and it’s time to pick a side.

HEAVEN SENT– MAJORS gives us a perspective of how we treat prophets from the past and the present. He tells us “When the prophets came to town, they would tremble/ Now the prophets come to town, they assemble”. Once there was a time where people respected prophets and even feared the message they were going to bring. Majority of the time, those messages were a result of their disobedience and spoke about God’s judgment on those towns/cities. Now, people rush to see prophets to receive a word about how God is going to bless them. The hand writing on the wall- We have lost the reverence for prophets and their true purpose.

DO IT GOD– First off, MAJORS is really riding this beat well. MAJORS reminds us to not just rely on grace and be watchful for the “part two of wilderness” as his “fire stick is connected to Christ without a connection lost”. The hand writing on the wall- We can’t pick certain parts of the Bible to follow. It’s either all of none.

SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS– This is a great collaboration. Majors reminds us to look for the answers in the correct place (towards the sky) and not in man. The hand writing on the wall- Prayer and Repentance is needed for complete healing and peace.

TRUTH IS UNPOPULAR– MAJORS isn’t a stranger to conterversonial tracks and he shows it with this track. After getting “fired from Satan“,  he “picks up the mic like a granddaddy about to fuss” and gives us the truth. The hand writing on the wall- Keep Satan outside the door and don’t allow him in.

HAND WRITING ON THE WALL– This is one of my favorite tracks off of the project. It lives up to the name and MAJORS does his thing on this production. The hand writing on the wall- It’s all about seeking over preaching.

BIAFRA– On this track, MAJORS gives us a history listen that many artists don’t like to or don’t know how to talk about. The hand writing on the wall- Learning history helps you understand your future. 

THIS GOSPEL– MAJORS comes sharp on this track making sure that we get cut by the gospel. On this track, he really focuses on Kemet and Matthew 24. He focuses on leading the flock without chains.  The hand writing on the wall- True doctrine teaches and false doctrine tickles. 

Overall, I really loved this project. I always say that MAJORS gets better with every project…because it’s true. This is a powerful project and has so much to unpack within every track. MAJORS lives up to his tea her and prophet title with this project. The hand writing is on the wall and you need to make sure you read it. Spread The Soup!

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  1. Back in the days the SOURCE would rate albums by the number of mics. In this case I rate it using bibles in which I give it 5 bibles, the KJV version of course

  2. Wanda Young says:

    I enjoy the study very helpful.

  3. PK says:

    Great album, a must have!!!

  4. E. Johnson says:

    Awesome album from front to back!!! A+

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