What I can do against #CHHSEXISM | @cataphant @Growtheheckup @VoisCornerstone

For the past two weeks, Cataphant went to Twitter and shouted out the shady and secretive workings of sexism within CHH. Using the hashtag #CHHSEXISM , she was able to create healthy dialogue about these devious practices. Even we got involved by sharing some of the personal stories that we have seen over a decade and a half of being within the industry. One of the most pivotal points in this movement was when GrowtheHeckUp got involved. By making an unintentional mistake proving the existence of sexism in CHH, the team was inspired to help correct and shine a light on CHH sexism.

This means a lot for the cause, because it shows a gatekeeper (Voi$ and Growtheheckup) that happens to be a male…gets it. This allowed me to have a Mirror Moment and ask “What can I PERSONALLY do to cut sexism out of CHH?“. Here are three things that came to mind:

  1. Start at HOME by respecting my wife and daughters. It is often said that “Charity starts at home.“. As a man with influence, I’ve learned that I need to be a “Noah”. Meaning that if there is anyone that I should be keeping afloat first…it should be my family. Every morning at the bus stop, I tell my girls that they are beautiful, smart and they are radiant lights that shine where ever they go and with everything they do. I listen to their concerns and I LET THEM TEACH ME THINGS, so they feel empowered. As far as my wife, I make it a goal to honor her for who she is as a woman to me. Ephesians 5:25 says “ Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her “. This verse kills sexism in my house. If every man (single and married) embodied and studied this verse, it could eradicate over half of sexism that goes on in the world.
  2. Use my platforms to empower female CHH artists. Chicans Choice has always welcomed women on the site. We love diversity and embrace female submissions. One of our most viewed posts was on Serious ( @serious_voiceny ) with ” How Serious Voice Swayed For CHH“. We wanted to highlight that Sway was featuring a Female Christian emcee, because many other websites that highlight their accomplishments. After reading/hearing some stories from #CHHSEXISM, we will be making sure that we reach out to more female artists and give them a chance that many other outlets won’t do.
  3. If I SEE something, I’ll SAY something. As I said, I’ve seen so many females leave the industry, because they ended up not being taken serious or getting shamed for doing things that many men only get a slap on the wrist about. I personally remember a female artist I was mentoring years ago and she ended up quitting. I remember seeing the hurt from men judging her off of her body rather than her bars. We may never hear her talent, because myself and others didn’t speak up more when we should have.

Some of you may forget about the #CHHSEXISM movement after a couple of weeks or even forget about this article after you read it, but that doesn’t change the fact that we will still have female voices that need to be heard. I pray that this movement and article shifts you to think about how you treat and think about female artists. These are personal things that I will do to help stop it, but what are you going to do? If we can praise a woman for giving birth with her body, then why can’t we praise her for giving birth to bars in music? Spread The Soup!

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