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Attire Affects Attitude. The way we dress can give us a different outlook on life within our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. This concept is explored symbolically and focusing more on the spiritual aspect with Ceej’sBlack Tie” album. Let’s put this album on and see how it fits.

VIRGO- FAVORITE BAR (2 WAY TIE)- ” I’M POINTING AT YOU, WE’LL CALL THAT FINGER PAINTING” ” I’M THE KID THAT CAME TO CLASS WITH NO AGENDA”  I have to say that this is by far the best intro to an album that I have heard in a while. Each bar is hard hitting and sets such a strong tone for the album. I found myself having several Mirror Moments reflecting on some of the same mistakes and misunderstandings in life that I made along the way. This song not only entertains, but it educates as well. This song…I meant “bridge”  that shows us how to overcome the waters in our life is a REPEAT OFFENDER!

DOPE- FAVORITE BAR: ” YOU CHASE THE CHEESE, THEY CHASING YOU THAT’S A EPISODE OF TOM AND JERRY” This track is tied as my favorite track off of the project. First off, the production is the best beat off the album and blends so well with concept behind the track. The listener can hear the passion and love that Ceej has for people on this track. He clearly wants to see people want to do better in life. I personally felt as though this should’ve been the single over “Circle“. The track’s Dope flow and Dope production equals a Dope result and a REPEAT OFFENDER!

RIOT- FAVORITE BAR: “THEY HUNG JESUS/ THEY CROWNED YEEZUS, THEY CLOWNED BELIEVERS/ THEY DECEIVE US, THEY WEARING MASKS LIKE TRICK OR TREATERS” There are so many topics that Ceej speaks on within this track. He does a great job to speak on dark and negative things with such great wordplay. The issues move and provoke you to want to take action against the things he brings up. Even though he brings up raw emotions and disses, he skillfully balances out having confidence in the direction we should be going throughout the verses.  As we get to the hook, Ceej pumps us up from being silent to starting a riot making this a REPEAT OFFENDER!

Overall, I love this album! This will be in the top 10 albums for the end of the year lists. Ceej is beyond a rapper. He is a poet that provokes and provides a path to the promised land for all people willing to participate. Listening to “Black Tie” doesn’t just make me want to be a better christian or more creative, but it also makes me want to rush out and find someone to mentor and disciple. Ceej is bringing real life bars on every track and within every verse. He literally bridges the streets to the suburbs to the sanctuary. This project is full of wisdom. The transparency shows that we are listening to an overcomer and makes you want to cheer for Ceej throughout the album.

I recommend this project for anyone who loves hip hop, came from the streets, love great wordplay and lyrics or just wants to hear a great conceptual project seeing a underdog rise to the top. Seeing Ceej in his Black tie shows us that he is dressed for success in the game. Spread The Soup!


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