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Authenticity. This is something that is very hard to find within the current state of music. Within hundreds of submissions that we get… we get a lot of good music…but not all is authentic and creative. Even though we specialize in CHH, we are always looking for great authentic and creative music. We knew when we heard Lafaro’ sFalling” single that we had to review the album as soon as it came out.

Lafaro’s “The Ships and The Sea” album is a masterpiece! It shines within it’s sound, style and storytelling. The sound is so structured (mixing and mastering) within quality and sensual to the ear. The style crosses over into several genres that it ultimately feels like a soundtrack to finding love. Lafaro’s storytelling allows the listener to feel as though they are there right with him as he speaks every sentence on every song.

The track “The Ships and the Sea” creates a seasonal and very visual listen. After listening to it, it will either resurrect memories or inspire you to start a journey to create some. “Falling” teaches the listener the definition of “love at first sight” and the realization of love. “Only Love” is not only 2017’s best Wedding song, but demonstrates how a declaration of love should go down with a relationship. “Home” reminds us of being rooted  in love within our relationship, despite what others say and circumstances that occur.

Overall, this is a must listen for 2017. It is a gem that shines within it’s genre. By the end of  listening to this project, you will want to grab your loved one and travel among “the ships and the sea” together forever. Spread The Soup!

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