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Within music, everyone wants to bring “fire” to their tracks.  This is when the artist brings an intense sense of passion, production and purpose on their project. It seems as though this is the mission for James Daytona  as he brings us “New Fire“.  I’m “burning” to review this!

SNAP SESSION-FAVORITE BAR:”IT COST MORE WHEN WE LISTEN TO CHEAP MUSIC”  As I was listening to the album, I have to say that I was looking forward to hearing this track. Listening to his flow and seeing the name of the track really peaked my interest. He did not disappoint! He brought the bars along with the snapping. I would love to see James continue this session series on his next project. I don’t think that there is another track that he could’ve ended the album off with. The way he speaks on current events on this track makes it a REPEAT OFFENDER!

Starting the with “Notebook“, I enjoyed his reflection through his importance of his notebook. The track as a story of his journey surviving doubt and cancer and hearing his testimony pulls you in for the future tracks. He starts off telling us on how he is dipping and dripping in “Oil” and sets the tone of the album. Next, he moves to “Young Saved And Sold out“. This track has single potential and I could see this as a great performance track. He speaks with boldness and welcomes all walks of life into the kingdom with this track. You can see Jame’s sharp double time skills with “I’m Saved“. After hearing his passion on that track, you will “be like locs and fall back“. James and Hunter Rayne did a beautiful ode to true queens with “Woman of God“. We need to hear more men confess their love for their wives with the transparency as James gave on this track. James follow up that track with the funny, but factual tracks “Inbox” and “Gossip“. I love both of these tracks and think that they would make great visuals for fans and listeners.

Overall, this is a great listen! The pacing is one of the best that I’ve heard from a album this year. James has great chemistry with his production team. Zee and J. French really enhance Jame’s style and added the gasoline to the fire. I love how James speaks with conviction with every track and bar. This alone draws listeners in. After listening to this project, I can firmly say that “New Fire” brings the heat to those that listen to it! Spread The Soup!

You can check out and support the album>>>>>HERE!

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  1. James Daytona says:

    This is truly a great review. Overcoming and staying faithful thru hardships. #BLESSINGS

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