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Being featured as one of our 2017 Future Focus Figures members, Adalid continues to show us why he is “great“. He is keeping his end of the role and bringing us his “Late Vibes” project. So, let’s just dive right into it.

TEFLON 90-FAVORITE BAR:” HOLLA AT ME IF YOU NEED A VERSE AND I’LL PROBABLY GIVE YOU JOHN 3/ TOLD YOU THIS MORE THAN HIP HOP, DON’T JUST FOCUS ON MY IG” Lyrically, this is my favorite track off of the project. I really felt his hunger and passion on this track. Adalid has a way of dismissing his haters without actually dissing them. The bars, message and flow make this a REPEAT OFFENDER!

MY CITY-FAVORITE BAR:” WE USED TO BE THE CITY OF LOVE, CITY OF FAITH/ NOW WE A CITY OF BLOOD, CITY OF HATE” I love everything about this track. I love the hook and how he takes Jefferson Starship’sWe built this city” and adds “on a rock” indicating that it was built on Christ and God’s word. This is a universal song crying out to God and a call to accountability. This song should be heard by every committee and seen as a REPEAT OFFENDER!

Overall, I really loved this project! I really like the direction of this project. It feels as though it picks up literally right after “Before Greatness“. I feel as though ” The Wave” embodies the concept of the project, his growth and snapshot of where Adalid is mentally right now as an artist.

This project also gives us a unique theme as well. It is very consistent with the “late vibes” idea. This is a project that has a triple meaning within it’s title. First off, the production is filled with tracks that work best listening to late at night. Adalid did a great job of creating a “bumps in the whip” playlist. Tracks like “Late Vibes” and “Midnight Drugs” are perfect examples of that. Secondly, it reflects the effort or “late hours” that he has put into his career. We see that on “The Wave” and “Voicemails“. Lastly, it has a spiritual context. The “late” represents the “darkness” in which we all go through in life. We can hear/see this example on “Late Vibe“, “My City” and “Waiting“. However, he shows us how to maneuver through the late night being a bright light. He shows us in a world of darkness, we can still find Jesus during a late vibe…similar to his bar when he is talking about Nicodemus meeting Jesus in John 3 on “Telflon 90“.

THIS IS THE ADALID THAT I KNOW AND LOVE! I’m so excited to see what he has in store with this series. For fans of hip hop, it’s never too late to listen to late vibes. Spread The Soup!


Check out the album>>>>>HERE!

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