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Jered Sanders has become a name to know within CHH. This 2016 Rapzilla Freshman has truly shown up 2017. One of his achievements in his sophomore year in the game is his new mixtape “Versatility” . Really impressed with his style and humbleness, I decided to give it a listen and a review.

BEAUTY FREESTYLE-FAVORITE BAR (2 WAY TIE):” TIME OUTS BE OUT LIKE CHRIS WEBBER IN MICHIGAN” “AND DEATH TRYING TO BITE MY TAIL OFF LIKE CRAWFISH”  If you want to be properly introduced to Jered Sanders, this is the track to do it on. The bars on this track are perfect over this beat. Because of the “beauty” of the imagery Jered presents and the bars, this is a REPEAT OFFENDER!

MY VIEWS-FAVORITE BAR: ” EVERYBODY HANDS HIGH SAYING NOTHING LIKE THEY PANTOMIMING” Honestly, the last 48 seconds of this track is hip hop quotable worthy. From the distinction of Kings (Lebron James vs. God) to the concept of slavery through Solomon Northup’s perspective was perfect. This was a great way to end the mixtape and was a REPEAT OFFENDER!


Overall, I love this mixtape. I’m glad Bizzle pushed Jered to drop this. LOL! Jered took it back to the reason why we loved mixtapes…. he just came and spit. I loved hearing him rap over beats that you would think that they are out of his comfort zone with ease. This project will make sure that you will come back and listen to more from him. Jered is showing us that he has verseatility and it will bring him far in the game. Spread The Soup!


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