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I didn’t want to review this album. No..not because I thought it wasn’t good. I didn’t want to review this album, because it was going to remind me that one of my favorite rappers that had so such of an influence on my growth as a christian and artist is retiring now. With each word that I type, I get a little choked up. Well…enough with the emotional rant, let’s get into this album review for Beleaf’sIn Fatherhood” album.

NO CHILL-FAVORITE BAR:” I THROW A SNOWBALL AT A SNOWMAN/ FROSTBIT ON BOTH HANDS/I BOW DOWN TO NO MAN/ THAT’S ICE ON ICE VIOLENCE”  So many people were on the fence with this track when it first dropped. They didn’t know what he was talking about, but it’s pretty symbolic and is a joy breaking down in listening to it. The production is great and works so well with Beleaf’s flow. I’m going to have to put some ice on this and say it’s a REPEAT OFFENDER! 

GOT SOMEONE-FAVORITE BAR:” THAT’S WHAT HAPPEN WHEN YOU’RE WRONG AND DUMMY/ AND ALL THE BAD B’S/BEES GIVING UP THE HONEY” We have learned that Beleaf is a great storyteller, especially when it comes to relationships. This song just validates that point even more. With a classic hip hop feel in production, Beleaf gives us a classical coming to age track on a man understanding the difference between love and lust. That is what makes this a REPEAT OFFENDER!

BABY DADDY-FAVORITE BAR:” I’M LOOKING AT THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM LIKE DANG SHE GOT JUNK IN HER TRUNK BUT SHE MOSTLY NUTS”  I have to say that this is my favorite track from beleaf. This song was a great choice to end the album with. This brings the whole album and his career full circle. This song reminds me of Common’sI am Music” track. For the nostalgia this track gives me, it deserves to be a REPEAT OFFENDER!

This is exactly how I wanted Beleaf to go out! This album has so much packed within it. The production is top-notch as well as the bars and content. I felt as though all the tracks flowed well and added to the final track. This album reminds me to appreciate artists that I enjoy. It also reminds me of why I love Beleaf so much. He has always been a leader aka “Baby Daddy” in hip hop. He was always a trailblazer and was one of the first people to embrace and accept the “mumble movement”. One of the greatest points he made, as an artist, is “It’s not what you say, but how you say it“. Beleaf has said that he is great in more ways than one. As we lift your jersey into the rafters (Number 24), I can honestly give you credit as being like a father to me through all the things I’ve learned from you. Spread The Soup!

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