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One of the most important things that God gave humans was their voice. Being vocal can be the weapon to build or destroy cultures and civilizations. David Bibbs understood this concept so well that he named his mixtape “Vox“. For those of you that don’t know, the word “Vox” is latin for “voice of the people“. Let’s see what he is talking about.

BANG-FAVORITE BAR:”WE COME TO BREAK RECORDS, BUT NO I NEVER BREAK A PROMISES” I feel that this is David’s best verse. First off, the way that he flows and rode the beat was so melodic. Second off, his bars were there. Because he made the beat bang, this made the track a REPEAT OFFENDER!

Overall, this is a really good debut for David Bibbs. He shows listeners that he has a great ear for production. For his age, we can see he has bars far beyond his years. We see glimpses of a mature visionary with tracks like “What If I” (which is my favorite track off of the project). He also does a great job of creating relationship tracks with “Can’t we just be us” and “Ride with Me“. I can truly see “Ride with me” being a great single and visual. Even though David has a lot of features, they work well on every track. Verses from from Wisdom Bibbs, Joe Clark and Lillian Aleece really add flavor with their features. Seeing him hold his own with every feature shows durability and cohesiveness within his future as a true emcee. I love how he can swap styles all throughout the project. He shows that he can appeal to the old as well as the new heads of hip hop and rap. That ability can take him pretty far within his career. Another big win for David is his hooks. Every hook is catchy and could create a intense atosmphere when he performs. Through all these points and the project, I can see David emerging to the elite class of newcomers. As David’s vision is to be the voice of the people, I could see him being the voice of hip hop easily. Continue using your voice as a weapon David. Spread The Soup!

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4 Responses to David Bibbs | Vox Album Review | @Davetherapper

  1. Andrew says:

    The album Trash fr

    • chicangeorge says:

      @Andrew you think so? What didn’t you like about it? Your comments could help with his next project. Thanks for listening and commenting as well. #Spreadthesoup

  2. bibb1996 says:

    Is he Trash Because he’s not Drake or Kendrick Lamar or J Cole? Is he trash because he represents a state who don’t even support his movement. This dude is 17 years old and killing cats that are 25 and been in this game for years. Keep Up the Hard Work and Stay Humbled, because this just might be your time.

  3. Realy…Sounds like hate on 10 to me… The kid is a beast

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