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There are few CEOs that I consider true trailblazers. One of them happens to be Sean David Grant. Not only has he been a mastermind behind the microphone hosting Trackstarz podcast/video show, but he has also been behind the microphone as a emcee. Behind his soft and sound persona on the show is a lion that has been waiting to come out of the cage with his music. With that said, He has dropped his album “Wonder Years”. I knew I had to review it, so with that being established… LET’S GO!!!

ADDICTED- FAVORITE BAR:”THE ONE WHO TOOK MY CREDIT AND GAVE ME DEBIT IS SO DEVENIR”  First off, I was so hyped to hear this track seeing that the FMG gang was going to be on it! Ric Sincere did a great job on the hook giving a very melodic bounce over Travis.Music’s eerie and grimey production. Staying on the subject on the production, it meshed well with DJ Jeremaya’s verse. Loving the way he switched up his verse, I would say that this is my favorite verse from him thus far. This brings us to Sean’s verse. This was Sean’s best verse on the album! His flow and wordplay were flawless. Every bar could be a hip hop quotable. With the production, cohesiveness and bars on this track, it’s easy yo see that this is a REPEAT OFFENDER!

WE RISE- FAVORITE BAR:” THEY TOLD ME CRIME PAYS, BUT I COULDN’T FIND THE PAY STUB” Sean gives us a follow up to “Alfie” within the first verse speaking on being faithful in marriage. He goes on to speak on the influence (or lack of) from his peers on the second verse. I love the energy in the hook and the last verse. The hook gives it an anthem feel and should possibly be another single/video from the album. Making a great song of overcoming various things in life with a great hook makes this a REPEAT OFFENDER!

Overall, this is one of the best listens that I’ve heard this year. Sean has learned how to balance his content and cadence on tracks to make his sound appealing to old hip hop heads as well as this generation’s music lovers. I was surprised with this being Sean’s first full project on how intimate he was within his tracks. This will go down as one of the best CHH debut albums in years. As Sean delivers the whole package on the this project, it’s a “wonder” that we don’t hear more from him. Maybe that will change after the release…. Spread The Soup!

You can check out the album >>>>HERE!

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