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Due to language, we decided to not post the video, but you can check it out >>>>HERE!

During this year’s SXSW, Sway had a Local spitters Freestyle show. One of the artists that he had on there was Serious Voice. If you are a follower of the site, then you would know that she was listed on our Future Focus Figures for this year. It looks as though she is living up to the title. Within this post, we wanted to write on how she “Swayed” for CHH.

First off, she was a light in a dark place. As many CHH artists are debating on where they should be performing and if they should be doing so in “secular events“, Serious Voice went straight into the belly of the beast boldly and showed her skills. As she grabbed the mic, we could see her passion as a artist.

Secondly, she built a relationship with Sway. As we heard, he said that they talked prior meeting at the airport and he invited her to the showcase. That is something that not only CHH artists can learn about witnessing, but also  for anyone professing the faith. Before you try to convert someone, try to build a relationship first. That relationship will build respect.

Lastly, she brought her A Game. Just because she raps for the lord, didn’t mean that the crowd and judges were going to go easy on her. If she would’ve came off wack, they would’ve let her now. As she grabbed the mic, we could see her passion as a artist. Her voice (pun intended) and bars drew the crowd in without her even having to tell anyone that she was a CHH artist. As a artist, you have to be ready in and out of season.

My purpose of writing this post is proving a point of being yourself. Many artist dream of getting a nod from a major co sign like Sway and Serious Voice did so by simply being herself and grinding accomplish her goals. What is funny is that she didn’t need it, but when we are faithful to God and our calling, God opens doors for us. It’s really funny, because I think God confirmed her win by having her rap over Wu-Tang’sTriumph” beat.  By being faithful to God and her calling, she has become a “holy hyena” and proved she needs to be on this year’s Future Focus Figures class. Spread The Soup!


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