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If you are a fan of the site, you can see that we are really big supporters of Taelor Gray aka the “point guard” of the CHH Cleveland Cavs. Being one of our Future Focus Figures for the year, we knew that we were going to have to review his “In The Way Of Me“.

COMFORTABLE-FAVORITE BAR:” YOU COULD NEVER USE ME,NEVER USE ME/I PROPHESY BEFORE YOU PROSTITUTE ME” There are so many things that I love about this track! This is one of the best songs that shows Taelor at his rawest form. This track is one of the best that shows the internal war between pride, pressure and progress. For killing the track and showing his respect for Daryl Coley, this track is a REPEAT OFFENDER!

Daniel Steele produced “Solomon’s Porch” is another favorite off of the album. I love all of the issues he addresses on this track. The way he strings words together with his wordplay is breathtaking. “Moral Tower” shows Taelor’s smooth storytelling skills during his college years. He does such a great job of making it feel relatable and it feels as though the listener is right there traveling up this tower right behind him. Taelor’s features are on point as well. Wes Pendleton does a great job bringing the heat as Taelor and Tragic Hero ride the “wave” on “Amistad” and Swoope did a great job giving us that real boom bap on “Me verses Me” featuring himself, Kai and Ki’shon Furlow.

Overall, I loved this album. Each track has several REPEAT OFFENDERS and the production was flawless. I also like the fact that Taelor introduced me to A.G., because I really enjoy his production style. This is a must listen for all hip hop fans. Taelor shows his boldness for his belief in his bars on every single track. As he speaks on issues that he sees, he doesn’t come off as arrogant. It feels like concern coming from love, which is a breathe of fresh air within CHH. You get so much with this project. You get a wide spectrum of love to hate wrapped in praise and authentic worship. As Taelor continues to bring the gospel in this form, nothing will “be in his way” of being one of the greatest artists that we have ever heard. Spread The Soup!

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