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A few years ago, as I was writing (I’m still there) at Dead End Hip Hop, I would do a “Red Shirted list” that was our version of “XXL’s Freshman Class” list. So we decided to bring the same concept over to Chican’s Choice. Over here, we are calling it “Future Focus Figures“. This list will include figures that you should focus on in the coming future within the CHH culture. This list isn’t in any particular order, because they all are equally important and will be impactful in 2017. Without further ado, here is the Future Focus Figures List of 2017:

Armond WakeUp– Armond WakeUp was making major moves in 2016. Not only did he drop Snooze Button 4, brought the mic drop verse to Exhibit C.O.’s “Art X Community” track/video, but he also ended the year off signing to Illect Recordings. Armond WakeUp has been one of my favorite artists for his approach to music and the bible. With new music and his new vlog series, I’m sure he will be getting that respect that he deserves.

MissionRPSMG (Side Note- I love how the name of this label stands for Rock Paper Scissors Music Group) has a secret weapon on their team.His name is Mission. First off, I feel that he had the biggest slept on “Don’t kill my vibe” anthem last year with “Stay off my line“. Not only does this track have one of the most creative beats ever made, but it’s a great song. This led me to checking out his previous work. Starting the year off with his “Thanks N Advance” album, I know we will be covering more on him this year.

SeanTana–  Trackstar’s Ceo , Sean David Grant, is a force to reckon with. Not only is he making major moves building one of the biggest platforms in the CHH community with Trackstarz , but he is about to drop his new album “Wonder Years“. Armed with a crazy flow, great production and features, Seantana is going to show the world two things. First, that Trackstarz/ Trackstarz Music/Nectar is here to make an impact in CHH and that he should be in top emcee lists.

Cash Hollistah– Cash has been on fire coming out of 2016 going into 2017 with his “CashMob” EP series and looks like he’s going to be burning down the game with more music, videos and interviews. He has some of the bedt bars that i have heard this year. This guy is already all over the place and we’re still in the first quarter of the year!

Adalid– Being a real rare breed of emcee, Rare Dreamer’s Ceo, Adalid, is making his mark in 2017. Last year, he showed us his greatness with “Before Greatness“. With his singles “In Case You Forgot” and “Might Be My Last“, he showed that he was worthy of getting in on some end of the year lists for 2016.  Getting ready to drop “Late Vibes Vol.1” and reaching goals for his label, I can see and hear Adalid on more lists for this year.

Taelor Gray– One of my favorite artists, Taelor Gray, already is starting the year off with a bang. First, He did a joint project, “JacobxJudas“, that he released with his brother, Christon Gray. Next, he snuck another album on us as he was working on “JacobxJudas“, which is called “In the way of me” being released today. After hearing the single “Radio“, I can tell that this is what the CHH game has been missing. Taelor’s “in your face” thought-provoking bars are needed in the hip hop game as well as the body of Christ.

Sean C Johnson– This man is one of the hardest working artists in the game. Not to mention, he has a voice from heaven. He has earned the title “Your favorite rapper’s favorite hook singer“. His touring game in 2016 has made room for him to be on bigger stages in 2017. Also, he has some of the best soulful music in the game right now…period.

J. Rhodan– This producer is easily growing to be one of my favorite in the game. After hearing his “Sorry Its A Tape” EP, I knew he was going to have a huge 2017. It’s listening to this project that has made me give him the “The Mad Merger” nickname. With him dropping his “Each Sold Separately” EP filled with great features, his work with artists is going to grow throughout the year.


James Gardin– When you want to listen to some feel good music, James Gardin is the man! Also recently signing to Illect Recordings, he’s already promising us a bunch of new music this year. Speaking of “promises“, he’s already “lead us to the promise land” with his track “Promise Land” earlier this year. If you’re feeling this, then I know you will be in for a treat from him this year.

Serious– After watching her moves in 2016, I can see that she is going to have a strong 2017. With performances at major events and new music coming out, she is not only going to be making moves on the east coast, but throughout the west and south as well. Her album, “Shofar”, proved that she does have a voice in the game.

So, these are the figures that Chican’s Choice feel will run 2017. What are your thoughts of the list? Do you agree? Disagree? Who would you add? Who would you take away? Let us know in the comments below. Spread The Soup!


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