Is Ohio Really The CHH Cleveland Cavaliers ? #Believeland


Last year was an emotional year in basketball as the Cleveland (“Believeland”) Cavaliers won the NBA championship. For years, this state was overlooked by bigger name states and was considered destined to live and die by the Cleveland curse. Defying odds, they came back to beat the Golden State Warriors that had them to a 3-1 game lead. Making adjustments and building momentum, they came back to make history and became the defending N.B.A. champions.

As I think about that from another perspective, it seems as though the state is doing the same thing with music as well. Some of the best CHH artists hail from the state of Ohio and I truly feel like this is the year that they will get some deserved shine. So for fun, I decided to create a roster of CHH artists that are doing big things and creating waves within the industry. Without further explaining, I present to you the your starting 5 for the CHH Cleveland Cavs:

Center- Christon Gray– At center, we have Christon gray. Not only for his height, but one could say that he is the “center of attention” of all the artists in the area. One of his first Milestones was when he was with his group, We Live As Kings (W.LA.K.), and their “King in Me” track was used as American Idol’s Superbowl Commercial theme song.  He went on to make the album “School of Roses” which changed the way that fans looked at how Neo Soul and R&B could be done within the CHH genre/culture. Then after getting signed to Kirk Franklin’s Fo Yo Soul Recordings, he gained more looks with being ESPN’s Artists of the Month for March (2016) and even getting music placements with Honda, HBO’s Ballers, Espy Awards and even performing on Sway in the morning. With a tall list of accolades, it’s clear to see why Christon has to be the center on the team. It’s real easy for him to “reach his goals“.

Power Forward- Armond WakeUp– When we think of someone playing this position, we usually think of someone who is aggressive, dominant and has a “in your face” attitude on the floor. This describes Armond Wakeup when he’s on the mic perfectly. With ever album, mixtape (He really slam dunks with the Snooze button series) and verse, he shows how he “boxes out”  his pride, problems and popularity. What makes him such a weapon on the court is that he isn’t afraid to fail and is willing to “power forward” to things he’s focused on.

Small Forward- Kambino– Kambino has alot of things in common with LeBron James. Both of them are bigger than the positions they actually play and both became hated by their infamous “decision“. Kambino made a decision to be more “raw” with his lyrics. This made him a true trailblazer for many. By speaking more on race relations and R Rated subjects, he was somewhat prophetic with the direction of CHH. But let’s be clear… his punchlines aren’t a “flop” on the floor.

Shooting Guard-Yaves– Yaves is the player on the team that is known for his “finesse” style of play. He is very strategic with all of his shots. Anyone can tell that as they have listened to his “Prince among Thieves” and his seasonal ear series that he is very skilled at his position. When it comes to scoring, he has a “Sling Shot” sight as he loves to run the “triangle offense“.


Point Guard-Taelor Gray– Point guards are seen as the leaders on the court. I can truly see this with Taelor Gray. Being a Pastor, Father and great emcee, he understands the importance of running the correct plays. In the crunch time, he is clutch and I’ve never seen him choke on any verse he has done. Being the leader of this team, I see him being responsible and always rallying his team. With any problems he has on the court, he wouldn’t make any “scapegoat” as an excuse.


This lineup has been and will be running the game in 2017. Also, let’s not forget that they have a FULL BENCH! When you got players like Johnathan Baker, J. Word, B. Moses, Priest and Kai ready to come in the game at any time, it looks lke they will be defending the title for a while.

So, what are your thoughts? What state would you like me to do next? Spread The Soup!

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