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YP aka Young Paul has been recently linked with Genaro Ortiz, Justhoughtz and th3 Saga pushing their “The Four” Ep and their “All Good Cyper III” track, but he was also busy last year dropping “The Lion’s Den” hosted by DJ I Rock Jesus. With that known, I had to discuss and review the project.

IT AIN’T HARD TO TELL-FAVORITE BAR:” AIRING OUT THESE BARS LIKE OPEN VENTILATION” This is my favorite track off of the mixtape. It not only has the same feel that Nas brought to us as we first heard this beat, but YP sums up the concept behind the mixtape as he delivers a great story. Being influenced by the east coast growing up, the NYC Swagger and confidence in the power of Christ makes this track a REPEAT OFFENDER!

Overall, this is a refreshing mixtpe. Not only does it bring back the feel of 90s/Golden Era of Hip hop, but also brings back the elements of a certified mixtape. We rarely hear mixtapes being made like this anymore. DJ I Rock Jesus does a great job making that happen for the listeners. This is a YP banger. It shows his heart for God. I love that he shows his daily fights of trying to get right with God and discusses some of  his struggles. This not only makes him relatable, but also shows transparency. The project also shows YP’s lyrical abilities. I love how it really shows his flawless flow on tracks like “Deep Cover” and “Flow Though” (which is my second favorite track of the mixtape!). I recommend this mixtape for those that would love to learn more about YP and also support true DJs like DJ I Rock Jesus. Both of these guys have proven that they know how to handle theirselves in the lion’s den. Spread The Soup!

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