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I remember hearing and posting Serious Voice with her “Anthem” video. I could tell by her voice and flow that she was going places in the industry. As I was presented with her “Shofar” project, I knew that I had to review it.

PRODUCT OF THE STREET-FAVORITE BAR: “HE’S MY ROCK, I ROCK WITH CHRIST” This is my favorite track off of the whole project. This is one of the best tracks that shows Serious at her most vunerable and shows her best storytelling skills. You can hear her pain when telling her story. This hard hitting open declare for her life is a REPEAT OFFENDER!

Serious starts the album off with the entergitic “Shofar“. The production is great. It was one of my favorite beats from the album and was a great choice to start the project off with it! She brings a sense of urrgency and words of prophesy as she is gathering believers together. As she is doing that, she gets us hype with her bars. On “Mind Games“, we get a smooth track allowing us to reflect on the traps and snares that the enemy places in our paths everyday that we have to overcome. I really enjoy when Voice switched it up and did spoken word for “School Wars” .  She does a great job of struggling with inner battles of being a true artist to her craft with the high energy “That’s Why We Got“. Serious lets you know she has some fast flying political bars with “S.O.S.“. I like the fact that she ended the album with this track and hope to hear her flow more like this on future projects.

Overall, this is a good and solid project. Serious Voice really sounded off with her “Shofar” to let us hear her voice in the game. She proved that she could give bars, worship and rep NYC and continue to be lady like. She drops gems throughout the project and shows that she is a great role model. Not just for christians, but also for ladies. As Serious Voice continues to make music, her Shofar will be heard through her music, creating more believers in the word and fans. Spread The Soup!   

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