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I was truly introduced to Cash Hollistah with his track “goRilla” featuring Sean C. Johnson. I could tell from his flow and lyrics that he “was on something different“. Through the years, I have seen him drop gems on life and music via social media. Following his ups and downs of releasing his album, I was proud to see him drop the ” Cashmob” EP. Coming into the start of the year, I wanted to start it off right with a review of this project.

SHOWTIME- FAVORITE BAR: ” FOCUS KID, PURPOSE DRIVEN BARS, AUTOMOTIVE SPIT” First off, I need to find out if Cash drives a Ford Focus, because if he does… then this is one of the best triple entendres I’ve heard in a while. What really brings out this bar is the timing. We hear the impact of the beat really dropping and the aggression in Cash’s voice. The delivery and slickness of this bar makes it a REPEAT OFFENDER! 

Showtime” second verse was one of my favorite verses from the project. Cash shows his frustration of being lumped into a “sub genre” with artists that really aren’t like him. He shows his “saved not soft” mentality on the verse and gets the point to us that he is ready to “show and prove” with his music. “Jump” was a great single. With a catchy hook, Cash encourages us to take the leap in life and stop just staring over the cliff. Cash cheats and gives us a BOGO (Bump One Get One free) with “Now or Never/Faithful (part 1)“. “Now or Never” gives us a soulful situation of taking advantage of the chances that are given to us at the current time. It’s followed by a very heartfelt voice mail from one of Cash’s fans. I really enjoyed this break/interlude, because it shows us a reminder that artists need to hear this from their fans. To know that you are appreciated from fans makes it easier to continue on your path. Next, we move to “Faithful“. I personally like how the sample is flipped better here, than Kanye’s on Common’sFaithful” from “Be“. Cash gets very personal telling us about his thoughts of giving up. He speaks on overcoming doubts from pastors and their thoughts on CHH. He also speaks on not catching STDS (Studio Thug Disease). The EP ends as Cash tells us of about keeping the promise of being faithful that he had with his mom on her death bed. It’s chilling and rewarding at the same time.

Overall, I really enjoyed the EP. It was more than a “sampler” from him and really delivered some hard hitting lyrics. He was able to pack alot in 4 tracks. I consider “The preamble” a part of the project. Yes, it serves more as an intro, but it was a great set up to bring us up to date and right into the project. If you don’t know anything about him, this would be a great place to start. By the end of hearing this EP, you will be wanting more and asking how you can be a part of the Cash Mob! Spread The Soup!

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