Adalid @whoisadalid “Before Greatness” Album Review #BeforeGreatness



Adalid has been an artist favorite on the site. I have actually been covering/following him since I was working for DaSouth. Not only is he a humble person, but he is one of the greatest and consistent artists that provides quality music. Speaking of the word “greatest” , he has dropped a project discussing the stages of achieving that title. Let’s see how great the project is.

YEARS- FAVORITE BAR 2 WAY TIE:” WIFEY TOLD ME THAT I TALK IN MY SLEEP, IT’S IRONIC THAT I RAP WHEN I DREAM”  “ROAD WAS ROCKY, NO ASAP”  Adalid and Jeremiah Lyrics really give us a “blueprint” track of how to achieve your dreams. The song discusses the sacrifices and decisions that one has to make to get to their purpose and goals in life. The fact that they have been doing this for “years” validates them doing this song. The production is great and the hook is very catchy. Jeremiah Lyrics passion makes me want to see him win. Also, Adalid opens his verse spazzing using a numerical narrative that nourishes my thoughts of this being my favorite track off the album and a REPEAT OFFENDER!

GRACE-FAVORITE BAR:” THEY TOLD HIM THAT HE’S A MADE MAN/ IN A FEW SECONDS, HE’S GOING TO SEE WHO MADE MAN” On this track, Adalid does a great job giving a great story of how God’s grace works in our lives. This is a track that many people living a lifestyle that he describes should check out. This is evangelism at it’s best and that is what makes it a REPEAT OFFENDER!


At the end of the day, I love this project. With every release, Adalid goes in a different direction and owns the lane that he drives in. He has a great way to adapting to current trends and not sounding like he is copying. He also makes sure that the sound and production become his own. Honestly, this album rides like a concept album. I could literally see a video for each song on the album flowing like a movie. This album is the soundtrack for every artist for every genre. Adalid makes a full circle starting with “A Good Thing” and ending with “Might Be My Last“. As a blogger/writer, it makes me feel proud to have seen the process of “greatness” happen before my eyes through Adalid over the years.  I always felt as though Adalid was a great rapper, so if he feels as though he hasn’t reached that point, the game should be very scared of that coming. Spread The Soup!

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