Nowadays, it seems like everyone is or wants to be a rapper. There are many artists that don’t take rapping serious or take it too serious. Let’s be honest, if your not bringing in a nice amount of income from your career, then it’s a hobby. However, Praverb the wyse shows us the ups and downs of this career move with “Professional Hobbyist”. Let’s see what he has to teach us.

MY JOURNEY-LYRICS:4 PRODUCTION:4.5 FAVORITE BAR:”I PUT MY MONEY UP LIKE CASH IN CASINOS” I like how Praverb starts the album off. For those who aren’t familar with him, this is a perfect track for them. This track truly sounds like a soundtrack to a hip hop artist’s life. This is video worthy. More artists (as well as fans) need to hear this track. Not just beacuse it’s hot, but to understand the “journey” that you have to endure to get to the top. This is a REPEAT OFFENDER!

PROFESSIONAL HOBBYIST-LYRICS:5 PRODUCTION:5 FAVORITE BAR (3 WAY TIE) “A KING DETHRONED LIKE LEBRON WITH NO RING” “I PRATICE DAILY WITH NO MONETARY FOCUS/I SWAY THE HOPELESS, WITH 16 LINES OF DOPENESS” “TEN PEOPLE IN THE AUDIENCE, NINE ARE FRIENDS” This has to be my favorite Praverb track off of the album. This track embodies the struggles and triumphes of a indie artist. He is so transparent and honest on this track. Through all of the pain that he speaks on this track, he still has love for what he does. With these lyrics and production, tears of joy fell. This is a REPEAT OFFENDER!

BLUE COLLAR (FEATURING DON STREAT)-LYRICS:4.5 PRODUCTION:5 FAVORITE BAR:”GOT A ASSOCIATES, NO RAISE, PRAISE FROM ASSOCIATES” First off, the production from this track is crazy! It has a “blue collar” anthem feel. This is a track to listen to on friday after you clock out for the week. Don Streat’s verse was nice. I love his last couple of lines about how everyone around him needs money and they think he’s daddy warbucks. This track can hit home to anyone who is “blue collar” and working to live check to check. This is a hot track.

EVERYLASTING STRUGGLE-LYRICS:5 PRODUCTION:4.5 FAVORITE BAR:”STILL ATTENDING CHURCH, NO WORK, STILL TITHING/FAITH IN AN ENVOLOPE, NO FUNDS PROVIDED” This track allows you to look in the mirror and give a good reality check. If you have a job, this track will make you appericate it more. If you don’t have one, this track will give you the faith to keep going until you find one. This is a epic song.

FOR MY PEOPLE-LYRICS:4 PRODUCTION:4 FAVORITE BAR:”I DO THIS FOR THE GRADUATES, SEEKING ENTRY/NO INTERVIEWS, APPLICATIONS ARE PLENTY” This is a nice track. It’s a change of pace. It still keeps the theme, but not as serious or deep. It almost feels as though it’s a interlude, but long enough for you to vibe to. This is really a dope laid back track.

THE CRITIC-LYRICS:4.5 PRODUCTION:4 FAVORITE BAR (TWO WAY TIE):”A WORK IN PROGRESS, IN NEED OF REPAIR” “RELEASE MUSIC, LIKE GOSSIP, SHARING SECERTS” This is a very creative song. It is also a true song. This is an album favorite. The artist is always their own hardest critic. The hook really makes the track. This is a must listen for all artists of every genre.

 NOTHING TO GAIN-LYRICS:4.5 PRODUCTION:4 FAVORITE BAR:”I’M JOGGING IN PLACE, IN LIFE I DO THE RUNNING MAN” First off, I got to give Praverb a head nod for his “Rufio” bar. Even when praverb delivers a track to wack emcees and copycats, it still sounds dope. To be clear, it’s not a diss song, but a song that speaks on doing you. When you do your thing, and doing the right thing, you don’t really have “nothing to gain”. This is a hot song.

I PRAY (FALL TO MY KNEES)-LYRICS:5 PRODUCTION:4.5 FAVORITE BAR:”DEAR LORD, GUESS THAT I’M A LOST SHEEP/SPENT NIGHTS STARING AT THE WALL,I LOST SLEEP”  This is tied with “The Critic” as my second favorite track on the album. This track is powerful and speaks from the standpoint that so many people feel at times. This shows Praverb’s dependence on God through his dark times.

THAT’S HOW IT IS (FEATURING DON STREAT)-LYRICS:4 PRODUCTION:4 FAVORITE BAR:”WITH THE FORCE OF A STREET FIGHTER, TEKKEN, YOU SEE” This is a hot track. I think that Praverb and Don Streat really work well together on tracks. I really enjoyed Don Streat’s verse on this track. Praverb gave it to the listeners straight and told them “that’s how it is” in life.

NOVEMBER 11TH-LYRICS:5 PRODUCTION:4.5 FAVORITE BAR:”WOOD GRAIN EXTERIOR, HAVE TO PUT THE PLEDGE AWAY” This track is very similar to “the journey”. It’s almost like part two for it. This is my third favorite track off of the album. The production was great. Praverb taps into the essence of hip hop and life on this track. This is a REPEAT OFFENDER!

Overall, I give this album a perfect 5! This is one of the best albums I’ve heard this year.  This album spoke to me on so many levels. I learned so much from Praverb on this album. I could feel him emotionally. I laughed and cried with him throughout the album. The extra instrumentals are a bonus for the listeners. You can keep with Praverb on twitter at @pthewyse and on his website .I just learned how to be a pro at my hobby. Spread the soup!


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  1. Praverb says:

    Thank you very much for the concise review that accurately sums up your listening experience.

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