James Gardin | Complaining Audio | @jamesgardin @illect @sohhpr

James Gardin and Illect Recordings announce the release of a funky new single, Complaining, produced by Young Heat.

Complaining features a dance-floor moving groove with a tight, driving style that aims to bless listeners worldwide. Gardin says, “It’s so easy to complain about what is wrong and all we think is going against us, but if we sit back and recognize the power we have, we can take the steps to change our lives.”

Check it out and let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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Solomons Porch | A Pet Peeve and Six months before you leave | @solomonsporchp1 @jasonbordeaux1

This week Jason and Shawn discuss what they would do if they found out they only had 6 months to live. They also share another round of pet peeves in the Round 5 segment. Let us know your thoughts. Spread The Soup!

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Deraj | Hold You Down Video | @justderaj @iamGNRA @rmgtweets @sohhpr

Deraj and Reflection Music Group have released a new visual for Hold You Down. The video was directed by Gustavo Ortega.
We all need someone there for us during the ups and downs of life. In dedication to his wife, Deraj celebrates his marriage on Hold You Down reminding couples to stay committed in and through all seasons.

What are your thoughts? Spread The Soup!

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Serge | Swish Audio | @JustSerge_ @rmgtweets @sohhpr

“Swish” is a high energy motivational record for the masses. We all face obstacles and challenges in life but can never be defeated once we decide what the outcome will be. Serge’s message to the people is though he’s faced different challenges in the past few years, he’s back and he’s here to stay.

Swish features production by Mashell Leroy & The DSTRKT. Let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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Brinson | Thornz Review | @IAmBrinson @GodChaserz @Sohhpr


One of the greatest and truest paradoxes that I’ve ever heard is “Every Rose has it’s thorns“. This statement reflects human nature and existence to it’s core. Life is beautiful , but underneath it lies our ugly sin. I truly feel as though Brinson, who is one of the most hardest working artists in the game, truly captures this concept in his new album “Thornz“.

WHITE GOLD-FAVORITE BAR:” WHEN I SEEK HIM, IT’S NOT JUST THE WEEKEND/CHRISTIAN RAP, MY PROFESSION, LINKEDIN”   This is one of my favorite tracks on the album! Marz Ferrer does an excellent job on the hook and the haunting beat captures the darkness of the world, but allows God to shine through his Gold bars that Brinson spits. This track keeps the Thornz theme throughout it and is a great track to have starting off the album. For these reasons, this track is a REPEAT OFFENDER!

HATER HEAVEN- FAVORITE BAR:” WHO FILLED YOU WITH ALL THAT HATERD?” This track holds a special place for me on the album. We see Brinson making a fun trendy song about a very dark and untrendy topic. He makes a fun attempt to allow people to see the hate in your heart will lead you to hell. He shows grace by telling all of his haters and enemies that he wants to see them in heaven with him. Not only is this a great performance track, it’s a great conversation starter about heart issues and grudges. With Brinson trying to take us to that place where we don’t have to throw shade, that makes this a REPEAT OFFENDER! 

Overall, I loved this album. Brinson gets better with every project. The production is top notch. I have to say that EVERY feature works on this project. “Shadows” is not only my favorite track on the album, but my favorite Brinson collab track. I loved hearing the testimonies and real bars from all the artist on “Shepard Me“. Brinson also reminds us of his loyalty to the gospel with ” You Ashamed“. Also, having a prayer on the album let’s listeners know that Brinson’s number one goal is to save a soul.

This is a great album for you to listen to this year. It will be in our top ten at the end of the year. At the end of the day, Brinson is showing us that the beauty of God sending his son to us is the “rose” that overcomes all the sins and “thornz” in our life. Spread The Soup!

Check out the album >>>>> HERE!

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Solomons Porch | Top CHH Albums of All Time | @jasonbordeaux1 @shawn_dad

This weeks Jason and Shawn interview an upcoming artist, Kris Noel, with a mission to help others using his art via dance and music. They share their favorite CHH albums of all time. Check it out and let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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K Sparks | Make America Fake Again Video | @Ksparkstv @BeatsByEsK

K. Sparks releases the music video for his song entitled ‘Make America Fake Again’. “The song discusses the various racial and political dynamics within our society in these present times”. The album took two years to complete due to containing live instrumentation from various musicians from several locations. Fusions of Jazz, Neo Soul & Hip-Hop can all be traced within various layers of the project. Urban Couture will be released on October 15, 2017, and is now available for pre order. Vinyl available soon via Millennium Jazz Music.

Let us know what you think of this video. Spread The Soup!

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Torey D’Shaun | Chopsticks Audio | @toreydshaun @sohhpr

Indie Christian rapper Torey D’Shaun releases his new single today, Chopsticks.

He shares, “Chopsticks is a song about Wisdom. I was inspired to write this song while watching a couple of my favorite Kung Fu movies. They have always had an influence on me from a young age—The Last Dragon, Surf Ninjas and Karate Kid, in particular.”

Torey continues, “I recently completed reading Proverbs and it hit me. Wisdom is given by God and if not, it’s non-existent. I started to relate it back to a Master who is full of wisdom that has a student who is zealous, but full of foolishness. I would picture the master telling his student “Patience Young Grasshopper.” Wisdom is only learned from the Master through test, trial, study, and discipline. When writing this, I felt two lessons were essential on the path to being a wise person: be slow to speak and quick to listen, and secondly, obey the simple things first—like how to use Chopsticks. Ninjas move in Silence.”

Check it out and let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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Dee Black | Rock Video | @deeblackmusic @ThaMission @sohhpr

Dee Black releases a new single and music video featuring Mission. “Rock” is produced by K. Agee.

Dee Black shares, “We all face adversity and troubles. When everything is seemingly falling apart you need solid faith to stand on. That same faith David had facing Goliath. Rock proclaims the faith and boldness God has given us to overcome our Goliath.”
He continues, “Rock was written to encourage and motivate others to stand on their faith in God. An infectious and catchy hook combined with hard hitting drums cause you to get up and dance. With help from Mission on the hook a K Agee on the track you’re sure to sing dance or do both while proclaiming your trust in God.

What are your thoughts? Spread The Soup!

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Yaves | Love Judas Video | @YavesEllis @SlingShotMG @DreadheadFilms

Love Judas” is a reminder to us all from Yaves, not only to be mindful of who is in our midst, but to beware of the Judas-like nature that we sometimes can display. At the end of the day, we have to “Love Judas”. This is one of our favorite videos for the year! Let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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