Lafaro | Falling Audio | @lafaro_



I want to be one of the first to tell you that new artist, Lafaro, is going to be one of the greatest folk/soul singers you’ve heard in a long time! Make sure you check out his new single, “Falling“, which will not only make you fall in love every time you play the song, but will also be one of the top wedding songs in years to come! Check it out and let us know what you think. Spread The Soup! 

You can support and purchase the single on itunes >>>>HERE!

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3 Things we can learn from Stranger Things #Strangerthings

This past weekend, I finally finished watching Netflix’s ”Stranger things” series. I had heard so much about this show and decided to check it out. For many of you considering watching it, I didn’t agree with so much language from the kids, but it was a great show.  Not only was a show of great writing, pacing and of 80′s culture nostalgia, but it revealed some great life lessons that we should take from it:

1. Friendship should be something that lasts a lifetime. 

2. We can never tell someone how or how long to grieve. 

3. Parents should build relationships with their kids to have their trust.

I really didn’t want to go into details of why we can learn these things, because I didn’t want to spoil anything from the show either. Hearing that a second season has been picked up, I recommend that you check out the show nd let me know your thoughts on it. Spread The Soup!

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Sean C Johnson | Up Audio | @SeanCJohnson @sohhpr

The #RaceTheSun series continues with the next musical installment. Part 5 is titled “UP” and lets listeners know that trouble doesn’t last forever and no matter how low you feel you always have hope in Christ. Let us know what you think. Spread the soup!

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Armond Wakeup | The Other Side Video Verse | @Armondwakeup @Sohhpr

Every Wednesday in the month of September, Armond WakeUp will be releasing a video of a verse from the upcoming project “Snooze Button 4″. Third in the series is “The Other Side”.

“I always tell aspiring ministers to keep their heart in check & make sure their motives are simply to please the Lord. Because if we’re honest with ourselves, all of us have used our callings & talents & gifts to be selfish in Jesus’ name. Especially in something like hip hop, that is so “me” based. I mean, shoot…MC stands for “Master of Ceremony” or “Move the Crowd” or “Mic Controller”. Many of us rapped before coming to Christ & there was a model of set goals, aspirations & checkpoints in between that you used to validate yourself. But because rapping for Jesus doesn’t really have a blueprint, we often divert to either what we know, or what we’ve seen, or what makes sense to us, or what we want to happen for ourselves. But when expectations meet reality, it’s normally followed by bitterness. & with The Other Side, I shared my fight against bitterness & the comfort in knowing that our expectations pale in comparison to all God has for us.”

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Derek Minor | Look at Me Now Audio | @thederekminor @rmgtweets @Sohhpr



“Look at Me Now” is the latest single from Reflection, his sixth studio album which drops Oct. 14 via Reflection Music Group.

This is a song where Derek shines light on haters, social injustice, and faith. He speaks of overcoming them all and showing the Lord’s grace through his life. Check it out and Spread The Soup!

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3 things I learned during my @Chapelhill #ServeDay Car Wash


This past weekend, My church, The Church at Chapel Hill , had a serve day. I was working with our youth ministry for our car wash. It was a great experience and I really learned some things throughout serving. Here are 3 things that I learned from simply doing a car wash with my church:

1. Never give up- We didn’t have too many cars come up at the beginning of our car wash. Some of it was from an event happening across the street and an accident actually happened right in front of our car wash! With all that said, I was almost ready to call it a day. With all of this going on, Our pastor drove by us smiling and encouraged us as he was pasing by. I thought about what we were doing this for and got motivated again. Next thing i know, we ended up getting plenty of cars. Don’t give up!!!

2. Serving sets the standard- When I saw my youth pastor washing my car without asking me, it had shown me that he understood the message of Christ. In a car version of the “foot wash“, he displayed the true meaning of serving.

3. Many people aren’t comfortable with free- It was sad seeing that many people turned down the car wash, because they didn’t like the idea of getting something free. The mentality of many people is that they either feel unworthy or have never had someone show them love. This speaks volumes to the church.

I pray or more opportunities where I can serve my community and my church. I love serve day. Spread The Soup!

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Yaves | Booming Video | @YavesEllis



Check out Yaves as he drops the visual for ‘Booming‘ off the ‘In Springs Ear‘ project.I’m really feeling the family reunion concept that he went with. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.

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Armond Wakeup | Back to Brooklyn Video Verse | @Armondwakeup @Sohhpr #SnoozeButton4

Every Wednesday in the month of September, Armond WakeUp will be releasing a video of a verse from the upcoming project “Snooze Button 4“. Second up in the series is “Back From Brooklyn“.

This was written after I joined Taelor Gray & KamBINO on a 9 hour road trip to NYC to support Christon Gray & Swoope’s Northern Lights tour in 2014. The city gave us so much inspiration, it was bottled up & just came out in a myriad of ways. This verse encompasses the spirit of the Snooze Button series. I understand that crafting songs is an artform that communicates in ways nothing else can. But sometimes, you need to throw a beat on & say everything on your heart. Without concern of how it’ll come out or if people will get it. Whoever latches onto it, let it be for them.“- Armond WakeUp

Check it out and let us know if this excites you for “Snooze Button 4″. Spread The Soup!

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Serious | Mind Games Video | @Serious_VoiceNY ft @oneMarshall

Female Rap Minister Serious dropped a brand new video to promote her forthcoming album dubbed “Shofar“. This hot Caribbean gospel track is laced with hip hop and cleverly drops caribbean flavor in the hook and last verse to entice your ear. Mind Games features International reggae artist Marshall One . The video was directed by hip hop genius Lenny Moore who heads Moore Beats Studio in Brooklyn, New York. Mind Games is bound to get the head nod from those who enjoy reggae or Caribbean gospel.

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Humble vs. Humiliation #SpreadTheSoup #MotivationMonday


Many people know the word “humble“, but struggle to understand what the word is or actions of it. Many people confuse the act of being humble with being humiliated. When you show that you are humble, you are showing that you think that you’re not better than someone. Humble means that you “lower yourself of importance” to put the focus on something or someone else. To be “humiliated” means that you feel “shame”. There is no shame in showing humility. It takes a stronger person to be humble, then for someone to try to embarrass  someone for being humble. Continue to walk in humility and know that God honors that. Spread The Soup! 

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