Solomon’s Porch Podcast speaking on Success| @solomonsporchp1 #SolomonSaturday


Check out Solomon’s Porch Podcast as they speak on with this week’s newsworthy and speaking on Sucess. Ceck it out and let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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@Trackstarz @Mouthpi3ce 11/26/16 Podcast | #TrackstarzThursday


Check out Trackstarz as they disucss Vision, #YouNameIt, No Love Life, Mouthpi3ce vs the World! Check it out and let us know what you think! Spread The Soup!

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Sean C Johnson | Luke Cage Audio | @SeanCJohnson @Sohhpr #Racethesun


Part 6 is titled “Luke Cage” and lets listeners know that our salvation is secure. No matter what comes our way our Soul’s are BULLETPROOF. Check it out and let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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MidCentury Modern Announces The Goodness album | @midCent_Modern @illect @sohhpr


Mid-century design was modern in the 50s. Stale by the 80s. And, now, contemporary again. Just ask IKEA. Or go check any Brooklyn Brownstone, Flatbush flat, or ranch-style home in Greenville, SC. If you wait long enough the old becomes new again.

Such is the cycle in hip hop and the fate of rap’s greatest generation — the golden era. Rhyme and production styles change and evolve and develop. But, the True School always returns, in vogue.

The Goodness isn’t a theme record or homage to another era. It’s just two musicians still practicing a timeless art — beats, rhymes, and life. Hip hop’s self-designated Mad Men, Sintax the Terrific and Rheomatic, are joined, on the opening cut, by two of the Native Tongue’s finest, Dres of Black Sheep and Jarobi of A Tribe Called Quest — “a couple old heads from outer space/like they come from a whole other time and place. Mad Men.”

The Goodness is one part time machine — “oh wait it’s not 1988? … you telling me it’s no longer cool to try and hate on radio rap, all that is sort of played?” — and one part pathological lie — “they will know we are Christians by our love.” It says yesterday wasn’t as good as you remember — “depends on which one/you experienced the hell or the fun,” and that tomorrow won’t be quite what you expect — “you think that you’re Future? Odd. Compute-your Commodore 64 — no future.”

But the album is mostly meant to be an encouragement that even in this “Hiroshima of Happy Days” goodness is still to be found everywhere and typically “where you look least often.” In the broken, in the fractal, and even in “the most annoying person in the venue. Goodness is alive in what we’ve been through.”

MidCentury Modern. The Goodness. New because it’s old.

The Goodness releases Friday December 16th via Illect Recordings.

Pre-order at all digital outlets including iTunes and Bandcamp.

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Firm Footing Via @Trackstarz


Check out my current post via Trackstarz referring to having “Firm Footing” according to Psalm 143:10. Let us know your thoughts and how it inspired you. Spread The Soup!

Check out the article >>>HERE!

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Trackstarz Podcast 11/19/16 | @Trackstarz #TrackstarzThursday


Check out Trackstarz as they discuss issues including Weed, Should I Let Go 2, Inspector Dating 2 and Common vs Sho Baraka. Check it out and let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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Twiceborn | Been Thru Audio | @IamTwiceborn @Scottiewillisjr @TheTonyTillman



Been Thru” is a single ft. Tony Tillman, and Scottie Willis Jr. off Twiceborn’s upcoming project, “My Reality.” It’s a smooth, laid back banger, that reflects back on what we’ve been through, and the fact that we’ve been through/done, with that lifestyle, and we’re now reflecting Christ. It’s purpose is to impact listeners, leading them to finding themselves, and making a decision to leave those lives, and find hope in Christ as we have. Check it out and let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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Plenty To Be Thankful For #Spreadthesoup #HappyThanksgiving



2016 has been a very hard year. With all of the celebrity deaths, police shootings, rise in racism, the election and many other things ….it’s hard to feel any love. That’s why this Thanksgiving is so important this year. It’s important for you, your family and all those around you that you love and cherish.

For this coming week, I Chican Challenge you to let all those around you know how thankful you are for them. Make sure it is either by a phone call or through physical contact. That interaction could change someone’s day and possibly life. Never expect someone to truly be happy, because they are not complaining. Many people have smiles on their face, but are depressed in their head and heart. Someone needs to hear that you are thankful for them in your life. Someone needs to be given as word of encouragement. Be thankful and show that you are. Spread The Soup!

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Trackstarz Podcast 11|12|16 | @Trackstarz @Prophiphop #TrackstarzThursday


Check out Trackstarz new podcast from 11/12/16 and let us know what you think. Spread The Soup!

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What’s Brewing With Cypha Ixous? | @Cypha_IX_

CG: What’s brewing with cypha ixous?

CI: Man, Alot actually, really been getting at it lately. Working on the clothing line (Faith × Work) and expanding that. Musically still riding out the mixtape and finishing up the Album. Basically making moves that make sense and making the next step in my career.

CG: Tell us more about your clothing line.

CI: Just working on the ground level right now…But alot of it will be based on Faith x Works and being a king for the King …lol capital K…….

Working on some hoodie designs and getting people’s sock game on point. Expect to start seeing promos and things of that nature first quarter 2017. Possibly even a pop up shop. We’ll see….

CG: How did you come up with your name?

CI: The name is actually a two fold story. Most people usually just call me Cyph. That name actually came from my younger battle rap days. I was always good at rapping in a Cypher. As for the Ixous part, it’s the Greek name for the symbol of the fish we recognize in Christianity.
I liked the simplicity of the symbol and paired it with my battle rap name to signify that I was changing my Cypher circle.

CG: How did you decide the title “soul survivor” for your latest project?

CI: Soul Survivor was something I felt I personally identified with and people could relate to. I mean as people we all get into the mental space of its me against the world. The feeling that nobody really understands you, you know? …..Especially being a creative it can be stressful at times. I don’t think people realize how often, if your not in tune with God, that you are alone in your own mind and thoughts, and how depressing that can be.So Soul Survivor to me represents those moments and times of vulnerability.

CG: What are some “body shots” you have taken from the industry?

CI: pssh…maaaaaaan alot lol…..I was actually nervous about releasing that track. It’s things that shouldn’t be in this sub genre of Hiphop that are there.

Without getting to specific. I’ve been in situations where I would be on the verge of making an impact where no one else was and had my own peers go out of their way to sabotage my efforts out of jealousy or envy.

Or, it’s situations where “Brothers/ Sisters” feint a relationship to use you for your brand or influence to build their own brands , which I don’t mind, but on the flip side when you actually thought you had and try to build on that relationship you realize you were just a tool and to them a “nobody”. At least that’s how they treat you…….

Just too many mind games and alot of secrets that the fans and even aspiring artists are unaware of. I get everybody isn’t your friend you know? I grew up in an urban environment, but come on!? To claim Christ as your savior and present yourself as a leader…….I just expect more.

No shade but that track was just facts. If I’m lying correct me, otherwise I gotta be bold in the truth.

CG: What have been some challenges you have experienced in your career?

CI: Identifying what’s really and what’s not basically. Separating the business from Ministry is always a tough lesson to learn.

Especially for me…

I’m for the people…..

CG: What are 3 things you want listeners taking away from the project?

CI: I want people to know that they aren’t alone in their thoughts and feelings.That even leaders aren’t perfect and still have things to learn and lastly, who I am as a person. This project was a glimpse of my personal thoughts.

CG: When and what can we expect from your new album?

CI: We have the wotking title so far and are expecting to drop it in 2017. This project I’m making it more confident and unapologetic. I’m plan to evoke a feeling of overwhelming pride in being counted among the body of Christ and breaking this stigma that being saved is boring and unfun. So yea expect more transparency and a sound track for daily life really.

CG:  Any shout outs?

CI: Ima shout out you of course for having me here to do this. My team of real ones at and Crwn. My Peers Stacks Lyrics , Doc hero , Drew Smith, Malakai the Truth, and D-Z for keeping my Iron sharp and me on my toes. Lol ……. Lastly but most importantly the G.o.a.t, Jesus Christ, the God of all things. Shout out also to
@stacks_lyrics @divine_zeal @dochero @the_dreamr @malakai1028

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